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Nova Scotia is the only region outside Scotland where Gaelic language and culture remain everyday aspects of community life.

Even though Gaels in Nova Scotia share many traditions with Scotland, our culture is unique and distinct because it is shaped by our experience of leaving our homeland and of creating a new and flourishing Gaelic community as Canadian pioneers. It is estimated that there were 100,000 people speaking Gaelic in Nova Scotia around the turn of the 20th century.

Thirty percent of Nova Scotians claim Scottish Gaelic heritage as their birthright, representing the largest ethnic group of the province, yet the language has been put in serious jeopardy over the years. Although strengthening this rich language and culture is serious business, when Gaels rally to this work, song and stories abound. Comhairle na G?dhlig is part of a Nova Scotian community which celebrates and shares our living and 'lively' cultures.

Comhairle na G?dhlig is a non-profit society dedicated to the maintenance and promotion of the Gaelic language and culture. It works with individuals and groups throughout the province, and throughout the world, to preserve and perpetuate our distinct Gaelic culture.

Comhairle na G?dhlig is committed to representing the individuals, organizations and institutions of which the provincial Gaelic community is composed. That means being accessible to our membership and keeping the public informed of our work. We see this website as an important part of that commitment and hope you find it useful. Please take your time to explore the wealth of information collected here and return often for updates on our activities.


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Getting to know Gaelic
Am fear a chailleas a chanain caillidh e a shaoghal.

He who loses his language loses
his world.
Getting to know Gaelic
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