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  About Comhairle na Gàidhlig

Mission Statement
The mission of Comhairle na Gàidhlig is to lead in creating an environment that makes Nova Scotia a place where Gaelic language, culture, and communities thrive. To this end, the council works to achieve results in the following areas:

• significance, relevance, value and accessibility to Nova Scotia’s Gaelic language and culture;
• quality of information pertaining to Gaelic language and culture;
• public knowledge and appreciation of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic language and culture;
• impact on sustainable community and provincial development;
• satisfaction of constituents with our programs and services;
• performance of staff and directors, including attitudes and conduct;
• relationships and partnerships with individuals, local and community organizations, government departments, sponsors, donors, educational institutions, and other organizations; and
• condition of finances, including revenues and costs.

Getting to know Gaelic
An làmh a bheir 'si a gheibh, Mar a d'thugar do dhroch dhuin'e.
The hand that gives is the hand that will receive, Except when given to a bad man.
Getting to know Gaelic
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