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  Ag ionnsachadh na Gàidhlig - Learning Gaelic

There are now more opportunities than ever to learn Gaelic in Nova Scotia. Universities and several public schools offer the language as part of their regular curriculum. Gaelic courses are also offered at the Gaelic College during the summer months. The recently established Atlantic Gaelic Academy provides classes and online tutorials across Canada.

In recent years, the number of people learning Gaelic in the province has grown rapidly. There's little doubt this increase is a result of the introduction of TIP (Total Immersion Plus) programming in Nova Scotia. Developed in Scotland by Finlay MacLeod, this method of language instruction is based on highly-successful programs in Hawaii and New Zealand. Focused on immersing students in the spoken language, reading, writing and grammar are not taught until students have attained conversational fluency. Clearly, many students like this approach to language instruction. Courses based on the TIP methodology are now offered in communities throughout the province.

Getting to know Gaelic
Dean maorach fhad 's a bhios an traigh ann.

Get bait while the tide is out.
Getting to know Gaelic
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