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"Thanks to all who have conveyed support through phone calls and e-mails regarding Gaelic Affairs’ layoffs. 

In an initial communication, The Gaelic Council conveyed the facts as they have been communicated regarding this situation and now requests that community members make their views and concerns known by contacting the political decision makers involved.

Government needs to know that the Gaelic Community is not happy nor is okay with this decision.

A critical decision was made that negatively impacts Gaels and the remarkable progress that the community has made over the past number of years.

We, as a community were not consulted and while government continues to communicate that it clearly supports Gaelic language and culture, this comes as a great loss and shock to our community and on all measures appears to be an unacceptable method of finding efficiencies.  

The following key messages and questions may act as a guide for Community members when contacting the political decision makers involved.  Please feel free to cut and paste this and use in your e-mail or telephone communication.
Recent layoffs to Gaelic Affairs' staff and the planned closure of the Mabou office have negatively impacted the Gaelic Community.
Gaels in the province have made remarkable progress over the past number of years and support from Gaelic Affairs has been a critical aspect of this progress.
There was no prior consultation with the Gaelic Community and while government continues to communicate that it clearly supports Gaelic language and culture, these layoffs and office closure communicate a very different message.
This comes as a great loss and shock to our community and on all measures appears to be an unacceptable method of finding efficiencies.  

As a member of the community and active supporter of Gaelic language and culture in the province, I want to communicate my personal displeasure with these decisions and that they are not acceptable to me or to the Gaelic Community.
In order to better under the process involved in making these decisions and government's plan for Gaelic language and culture development going forward, please address the following questions;

1. Gaelic Affairs had a staff of 5, where other community identity offices have almost double the staff compliment and received less in terms of lay-offs, why was Gaelic Affairs more negatively impacted?
2. How specifically will government support the Gaelic Community with two less support staff?
3. What specifically will be done to regain our community’s confidence in the government’s supports of the Gaelic community? 

Please call or email all three Ministers’ constituency offices with these questions.
Randy Delorey MLA
Minister of Gaelic Affairs

Tony Ince MLA
Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage


Diana Whalen MLA

Deputy Premier

Minister of Finance and Treasury Board


Phone: 902-443-8318

If e-mailing, copy in your local MLA so that they are aware of your concern.  
A list of MLA contact info is found on the internet by clicking this link

Please feel free to copy in Comhairle na Gàidhlig as well.  

We again ask that all community members and any and all supporters of Gaelic language and culture become engaged in this response and feel it very necessary for the community to make sure it voices its views on this matter.

Please feel free to contact Comhairle na Gàidhlig to discuss further."


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