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  Council/ Committees

There are eleven committees working to achieve Comhairle na Gàidhlig’s overall goals. Each committee includes at least one board member, members at large, and non-members who are involved on a project-by-project basis for their special skills and expertise. If you’re interested in joining a committee, please get in touch.

Language Development and Education
This committee has three key objectives: To increase the number of Gaelic speakers in the province; to coordinate efforts to preserve, maintain, and develop the Gaelic language and culture; to base the development of the Gaelic language and culture in local communities, with the support of municipal, provincial, and federal governments. Projects that fall under this category include exploring the potential for Gaelic pre-school program and facilitating immersion programs.

Communications and Promotions
Members of this committee work to increase communication and promotion on several levels. There is the general public’s appreciation and knowledge of the Gaelic language and culture, communication within the Gaelic community, and developing and maintaining relationships with local, national, and international linguistic and cultural groups. Activities undertaken by the Communications and Promotions Committee include developing a fundraising strategy, implementing a membership drive, and creating materials such as this website.

Policy Development
Policy Development includes researching and developing strategies pertaining to the Gaelic language and culture. This group works with various levels of government and communities to create programs and principles to advance the Gaelic language and culture. It also strives to achieve secure status for the Gaelic language under law in Nova Scotia. Activities undertaken by this group includes an inventory of existing Gaelic language resources, attitudes and skills in the province.

Community Development
This committee works to strengthen both the cultural and economic foundations of Gaelic communities in the province. The goal is to increase pride and self-confidence within the community, so that an environment is created where people can live and work in Gaelic.

Gaelic Cultural Expression
Simple yet complex, the goal of this group is to encourage and promote all forms of Gaelic cultural expression. Working with communities to increase the number of feisan is an activity of this committee.

It is imperative for all organizations to regulate their activities. This committee is responsible for Comhairle na Gàidhlig’s organizational plan, its charitable status, and developing systems to monitor and evaluate the Council and its programs.

Forum Planning
Comhairle contributes to the strengthening of the province-wide Gaelic community by hosting gatherings to celebrate and discuss Gaelic development. Working with the Coordinator, and in collaboration with Gaelic Affairs, this group plans and executes a provincial gathering for the Gaelic community on a regular basis.

Directly addressing the continuity of our work, this group develops projects and merchandise which generate earnings for the operation of Comhairle na Gàidhlig.

Our society serves a large constituency, and this committee works to increase our membership to reflect the true level of support for the work of the council.

This committee works to recruit and select new members of the Board of Directors, and helps to maintain continuity in the work of Committees.

The Personnel Committee participates in hiring and evaluating short and long-term staff

Getting to know Gaelic
Ma bheir thu Muile dhiom, cha toir thu muir is tir dhiom.

You may take Mull from me,
but you can't take sea and land from me.
Getting to know Gaelic
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