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  The Road Ahead Allan MacLeod

There has been so much achieved in the last decade to support Gaelic language and the culture that it embodies. Comhairle na Gàidhlig continues to develop projects and plans responding to community and governmental input. In March 2012, we drafted a work plan that we will seek community feedback on, through a series of community meetings. Our general work is currently focused on:

·         Raising awareness / Advocacy:

Telling our Stories

Through workshops, Gaelic learners will develop a thirty to forty minute play which addresses the question of why the Gaelic language was not passed on to younger generations, using stories of personal experiences collected from Gaelic elders.

Gaelic Awareness Month Campaign development: “You May be a Gael if ...”

We want to use humour to promote a realization of a shared connection to Gaelic culture, through circulation of a compiled list of ‘Gaelic’ characteristics

·         Providing language learning opportunities:

Board Language Development

The Comhairle recognizes that a concerted effort is needed to introduce and normalize the use of Gaelic in our business, so we are organizing regional workshops open to the public.


Our annual residential immersion workshops run well, but we want to explore an offering that fits best and complements other language training work in the community

·         Supporting community-based initiative: Asset Mapping

In June 2013, The Gaelic Council hosted an Asset Based Community Development Workshop. Hosted by Mr. Alan Sloan, this workshop built on community meetings we had hosted in April 2013. We wanted to provide a chance for communities to look at specific ways to get more out of our investment in Gaelic, and a chance to step back and examine which goals we share, and bring the best out of joining forces on these goals. To do this, we asked participants “what are your Gaelic assets?”

The process of mapping out the assets within a community inevitably turns up unrecognized assets and opportunities for collaboration. More importantly it brings attention to the essential human contribution that needs to be supported and celebrated. We will continue building on the fruits of the June workshop by setting up the next step of the process: Kitchen Meetings. These meetings will allow the Gaelic Council as well as community participants to assess their progress in harnessing their Gaelic assets.

·         Partnerships / resource management: Unified Business Plan

Exploring how co-ordination of the business plans and projects amongst the primary Gaelic organizations and institutions in Nova Scotia may assist in making more efficient use of resources at hand, and encourage collaborative planning.

·         Established programming

Senior’s project: Community-led visits to and among native Gaelic speakers, facilitated by fuent speakers and accompanied and assisted by Gaelic learners

Inventory of Gaelic speakers: On-going research on Gaelic speaking capacity in Nova Scotia, in conjunction with the Asset Mapping project.

Fund raising: exploring substantial fund-raising activities.


Getting to know Gaelic
Cha bhi suaimhneas aig eucoir, no seasamh aig droch-bheairt.

Wrong cannot rest, nor ill deed stand.
Getting to know Gaelic
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